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I'm Bill Coupe, an experienced applications designer, developer, team leader and IS manager.  Visual FoxPro and .NET are my preferred development tools.  I develop almost exclusively in .Net and Visual FoxPro, often combining the unique strengths of both tools to meet the challenges of a project. 

I have in excess of 10 years of actual, hands-on development experience in all versions of Visual FoxPro and Visual Studio.  I also spent the 10 years before that using, xBase versions like dBASE, FoxBASE+ and Clipper.  I've built applications for  businesses as small as 1-3 people to those like the Carrier corporation and USAir, Sabre and nearly every size of business in between.

I regularly contract to:

  • Develop new and innovative applications.

  • Maintain existing applications written by others.

  • Act as a troubleshooter for commercial applications still in development.

  • Convert existing applications to FoxPro, Visual FoxPro and .NET 

  • Provide an additional resource to existing IS/IT departments.

Conversions have kept me busy over the past few months, these include FoxBASE+ conversions, FoxPro Windows Conversions and Visual FoxPro conversions, primarily to the .NET platform, but also to the latest version of Visual FoxPro (VFP8 soon to be VFP9).  Currently I'm working on a project that involves merging the client's customer file with data from the Dun and Bradstreet businesses database.

If you're thinking about an application development project for your business, take a few minutes and read through the website.  You'll find that my skills could help you successfully design, develop and deploy that application.  That together we will give your organization the competitive advantage in the marketplace you're looking for.  If you want to discuss your project or projects further, please go to the feedback page and let me know.

Together we can build tools for your employees that will make them truly productive, in ways you may have previously thought were impossible.

If you're a past client, especially one from Upstate New York, I would also love to hear from you!  Tell me how you, and your business, are doing.  What changes you've made since we last spoke, to the business and the software you're using to run it.  The terms and conditions under which I sold the business when I moved to North Carolina,  made it impossible for me to contact you directly, so please, feel free to contact me using the Feedback form.

I look forward to hearing from all of you.


Please use the Feedback link to contact me.


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